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This is House Motherf#ucker!!!



This is House, motherf#cker!!! A good song, one of my favourites, please check it out #SHM #Music #remix #radio

Check it out motherfuckers

Honestly, EDM is my drug. It’s the goosebumps covering your body from head to toe, the smile stretches for miles across your face, the overwhelming amount of emotions that consume your body, mind & soul. Your ability to feel as though this is the one thing in your life that you never want to let go of and being able to experience it with a significant other brings tears to your eyes. It’s the tingling sensations you receive & how the bass becomes your heartbeat. The pure ephoria that fulfills you within….& how it can connect thousands of strangers together to make us feel as though we’re all the same, & that we don’t have to go through the hardships of life on our own; EDM is the most magnificent drug I’ve ever experienced.